Private sessions to help you develop your client attracting brand strategy using the power of psychology. Limited to 3 per month.

Brand Transformation

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You’ve evolved, now it’s time for your brand to catch up.

If you’ve hit a point in your business where you know it’s time to uplevel your brand to connect with your audience on a deeper level, I can help. During your intensive, we can: 

Clarify Your Brand’s Core

Deep dive into understanding what your brand truly stands for. We'll define your brand purpose, mission, vision, and values so you have a clear foundation to guide you.

Identify and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Pinpoint who your ideal clients are and what they need. We'll create client personas and understand how your brand can meet their needs effectively.

Differentiate Your Brand

Analyze your competitors and identify opportunities to make your brand stand out. We’ll explore unique ways to position your services so you don’t blend in with the crowd.

Develop Your Brand Personality

Define your brand’s personality and align it with your archetype. This will ensure your brand is authentic and resonates deeply with your audience.

Craft Your Verbal Identity

Shape the way your brand speaks, focusing on language, tone, and voice. This will make your brand’s communication consistent and engaging.

Creative Direction:

Create a visual brand that captures your essence. From selecting colors and fonts to building an image library, we’ll ensure your visuals align with your brand strategy.

Build a Cohesive Brand

Compile all your brand elements into a comprehensive brand guide. This will help maintain consistency across all your brand’s touchpoints.

This is for you if you're ready to:

You want a brand that authentically communicates the essence of who you are, your impact, and attracts the kind of clients that will truly benefit from your work.

Attract the clients you WANT to work with and create meaningful connections that go beyond just transactions

Develop a brand personality that’s uniquely you so you can stand out (and get booked out)

Elevate your value so you can charge premium prices. 

Simplify and streamline your content creation process 

And boost your confidence - ‘nuff said. 

Because you don’t just want a nice looking brand. 


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Your Archetype E-book
Brand Transformation Workbook
Canva Brand Guide Template

Brand Transformation


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4 x 60 minute private sessions with Amber
1 month of Voxer access
Your Archetype E-book
Brand Transformation Workbook
Canva Brand Guide Template

Brand Transformation

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