meet amber

the face behind Brand Alchemy

Brand Strategist & Visual Storyteller

I knew from an early age that the “traditional” life wasn’t for me. During my college years, I tried on countless majors but just couldn’t find the right fit. I eventually dropped out and started working at my local co-op while I tried to figure it out.

All I really knew was that I wanted to be creative every day and be my own boss.

Fast forward to 2012: I’d just given birth to my first daughter when I picked up a camera for the first time because the grainy photos on my early model smart phone just weren’t cutting it. I quickly became obsessed with learning all things photography… which eventually led me to design - and I fell in love.

I quit my job in 2015 (yep, I was still at the co-op) and started Brand Alchemy the following year. Since then I’ve worked on hundreds of brand & web design projects for clients all over the world. 




I’m SO over the flawless grids and the illusion of perfection that’s plagued the digital space for years. I want raw, unfiltered connection. My goal is to always show up as myself - the sober, neurodivergent, single mom that also happens to run this business. 🙂


Being a good person isn’t a fad. I believe that everyone deserves respect, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. And while I’m still learning, every day, how to be a good ally, my promise is to always do my best and be open to improving. You are welcome here. Hate is not.


I think most people overcomplicate things. Luckily, I have a knack for simplifying...well, everything. From my communication style to my design processes, I like to keep things short and to the point rather than wasting time with “fluff.”


I want to empower business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to build a business that gives them the freedom to create the life they want - rather than the life they were handed. I believe we can all rise together.


To empower womxn to be independent + wildly rich without the hustle.

I believe more folks who identify as women should be millionaires and hold positions of power because when women have money, good things happen.

In the afternoons, you can find me:

sipping moringa tea and scrolling Tiktok

Ten Non-Design Facts About Me

What I’m most likely to splurge on is:

Shoes and jumpsuits

My zodiac sign is:

Scorpio baaaaybeee!

Favorite recent read: 

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

I’m currently obsessed with:

feeling good in my 40s

What the pandemic taught me:

That I’m neurodivergent

My work style is: 

listening to a comfort show while I design

My interior design style:

eclectic, cottage core, small house living

Night out on the town or night in:

Definitely night in with an edible

Current color obsessions:

My soft summer color palette


Are you ready to transform your brand?

A live 3-part series to help you develop your brand strategy using the archetypes. I hold one workshop a month. Seats are limited to 10 so I’m able work closely with everyone in the group. 

Brand Transformation

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group learning



Private sessions to help you develop your client attracting brand strategy using the archetypes. This is a customized experience to meet your needs. Limited to 3 per month.

Brand Transformation