Showit vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Most of my clients are either just starting out or they’re currently on WordPress and they’re just not satisfied. Here’s a full breakdown of Showit vs WordPress.

Here’s the problem with WordPress:

It’s been around forever and is the most used platform for building websites BUT it was created for bloggers. So if you’re wanting to build a gorgeous website for your coaching programs, you either have to learn how to code OR fork over some hefty dollas to hire a developer. And for someone who’s just starting out? That might not be an option. 

Then there’s my favorite thing of all… when you update your plugins and your WHOLE ASS WEBSITE DISAPPEARS. Into thin air, all that hard work and thousands of dollars – POOF! And you’re forced to hire an expensive developer to get it back for you. Usually they can get it back but it often doesn’t look the same or it’s missing parts. Plus there’s the lost time your site is down. 

Like wtf? This is 2022, it’s time to get your shizz together, WordPress. 

Now let’s talk about Showit. 

Showit has NEV-ver let me down. From the platform itself to their customer service, it’s the best experience I’ve ever had with a website platform. 

Ok, I’m gonna give you a little debrief then I’m going to compare the two side by side for all the visual folks. Here are my 3 favorite things about Showit: 

The page builder is a dream.

Most builders are pretty much the same these days. You have sections, rows, and elements. It’s boxy and you have to design within those constraints. But not Showit. You can put elements wherever you want, giving you full creative control. The only limitation is literally your imagination.

Showit integrates with WordPress so you get all their amazing blogging toolswithout all the hassle.

Showit already has great SEO features but if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, you can install SEO plugins like Yoast and SEOpress to your blog just like on WordPress. Not only that, but when you update your blog design in Showit, it updates aaaaaaall your blogs at once with the click of a button → which is amazing if you’re the type with 100s of blogs.

It’s easy to import and customize templates.

Showit makes this whole process super simple and once the template is imported, you can customize nearly every design element. No coding. No hiring a developer (unless you just want to hire a designer to do it for you – in that case, shoot me a message 😉)

Ok, now let’s compare.


  • Totally custom designs that are limited only by your imagination.

  • Easy to import and customize templates purchased outside Showit.

  • Tons of video resources if you get stuck. 

  • Nearly all design elements can be customized.

  • Top level support when I need it (which is seldom) – just click on the chat feature!

  • Manage multiple websites from one account and get 50% off each additional site. 

  • Can create what they call “Plus Sites” that can be used for things like private pricing packages. Can have a different design but still managed under the same account.

  • Showit migrates your blog content for you

  • There to assist you with the initial launch of your website and even includes your SSL certificate.

  • Won’t lose your whole website when you update plugins.


  • Design elements are restricted to the block format.

  • Forced to use a theme that is used by 1000s of other users unless you learn code or hire a developer to customize it for you.

  • Good luck combing through that google search for a quick answer – and it usually involves code.

  • Limited by the theme you choose.

  • Limited by the theme you choose.

  • No support

  • Pay full price for additional sites.

  • Not possible

  • You have to figure out how to migrate blog content from another platform. Good luck!

  • You have to figure out your DNS settings yourself and provide your own SSL certificate.

  • It’s website roulette! Good luck with that.

Ready to check out Showit?

Click the link below to check out my website template shop or send me a message so we can chat about my done for you services. I offer fully custom websites or I can customize one of my templates to fit your needs. 

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