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You understand the importance of a sales page

You’ve been pouring your heart into a new offer and now it’s time to create the sales page. And like the smart entrepreneur you are, you also know that a good sales page doesn’t just rely on good copy.

You also need gorgeous, strategic design to turn browsers into buyers to make your launch a success. 

Here are the two problems you're probably facing:


You know you have like 3 seconds to catch your potential student’s attention and get them to keep scrolling but your branding isn’t exactly poppin’

You’re not sure what goes into good design and how to make your sales page look like it was done by a pro

You don’t want to lose sales because your sales page looks like trash and devalues the offer you’ve poured your heart into


Maybe you can get so far as using a web page builder but getting it to look the way you want it to? That’s a different story…

You want to automate the delivery of your course (because this ain’t 1995 and you got shit to do) but how do you get everything to integrate *angrily pulls at hair*

Plus there’s all the little things that usually get forgotten, like favicons, share images, SEO… what???

What would your launch look like if you had a sales page that:

Imagine with me for a second...


Positions you as the go-to boss in your niche

Your ideal client/student sees you as a leading authority that can help them solve their problem - and they’ll gladly pay you for it


Visually communicates your brand voice

Whether you’re creating an evergreen micro product or launching your first group program, your sales page is delivering the big money sales with EASE so you can sit back and enjoy the ride


Generates consistent sales & bigger launches

Your ideal client/student sees you as a leading authority that can help them solve their problem - and they’ll gladly pay you for it


Did somebody say more impact?

Your sales page is an organized framework designed to bring in the sales like a mother lover - which means you can influence more of the world with your yummy super powers (but please only use them for good 😉)

You want all this, sure, but what you want even more is someone you can trust to bring your sales copy to life before the fast approaching deadline.


Let me take the overwhelm out of your launch with my no-fuss design & build process.

Strategically Designed Sales Pages That Convert Browsers into Buyers

Sales pages are a flat rate of $0.75 per word. Retainer customers only pay $0.65 per word - you can check out my retainer packages HERE. 


What's included


01. Modern + Strategically Designed Sales Page built on the platform of your choice
02. Logo for your offer
03. PNG Files of Logo
04. PNG Files of Product Mockups
05. Mobile Friendly Design
06. Turnaround time: 2 weeks


01. Email Integration
02. Booking Integration
03. SEO Page Title
04. SEO Page Description
05. SEO Tags
06. Connect Google Analytics + FB Pixel


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01 / Prep Work

Sign your contract, pay your deposit and share any assets I need for your project.

02/ Design & Refine

On your start date, I’ll begin designing your sales page and you should receive the first draft within 1-2 days. You’ll have a chance to give me your feedback to refine the design.

03 / Build

Once the design is approved, I build your sales page on the platform of your choice. When it’s ready, I’ll send it to you for review. After it’s approved, you’ll receive the final invoice.

Your search for a trusted sales page designer is over. 

Schedule a call to discuss your project and lock in your date.

The Process

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01. 1:1 Coaching
02. Group Coaching
03. Digital courses
04. Membership sites
05. High end services​
06. Masterminds
07. VIP Days   

Sales pages are great for coaches, course creators and service providers who are launching a new offer, such as: 

Is this for you?

You’re ready to let sales pages do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the things that matter - working with clients and making an impact

You don’t want to waste a bunch of time DIYing a sales page from soundbites you’ve gathered from blogs and YouTube videos (and still not get the results you want) 

You have a sales page but you know it needs some work because it’s not raking in the sales like you’d hoped it would

You’re ready to hire an expert to design and build your 6-figure sales page for you

Ready to get started? 

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My sales page design services are for you if...

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Elise Besler,
Voice and Embodied Life and Leadership Coach

It was worth every penny and then some!

"This was my first time investing in a designer for a big project and it was worth every penny and then some. (4x the investment and counting…) Amber’s beautiful design, branding and knowledge about high converting sales pages has me selling spots to my program 2 MONTHS before the official launch. This is mind-blowing to me as I’ve always been a “DYI, throw spaghetti at the wall” kind of entrepreneur.


"She has literally made me tens of thousands of dollars!"

"I've had clients tell me that they signed up with me because my website + sales pages are so beautiful. She has literally made me tens of thousands of dollars (and counting) with her branding and I have a waiting list for the first time EVER."


"Amber is the best designer on the internet!"

“Snap her up before someone else does. She creates all my sales pages and branding, taking my out-of-the-box, literally-saw-this-in-a-dream ideas and turning them into something beautiful and relatable for my audience. I never work with anyone else."