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Offer Launch Bundle


Meet your secret weapon for stunning, functional sales pages. Designed for coaches selling digital products or coaching packages, this bundle makes Thrivecart a breeze. Forget fiddling with tricky designs – it's like having me as your personal designer. Your pages will pop on mobile and save you tons of time.

The bundle includes cart pages (steps 1 & 2), a success page, plus Canva templates for your logo and header. And don't sweat the copy – we've got samples to kickstart your creativity.

Images sourced from Canva 

This template is made with free fonts 

A Thrivecart account is required



no coding required

drag & drop builder

wordpress blog

responsive design

built to convert

seo friendly

Cart Pages (step 1 & 2)

Canva Logo Template

Sample copy

Success Page

Canva Header Image Template

A peek inside the template

what's included

Choose Your Template

Once you’ve selected your template and checked out, you’ll receive an email with the link to your template, along with instructions on how to install the template on your Thrivecart account.


After you install the template to your Thrivecart account, you can start customizing it to match your branding. Change the colors, fonts, and photos - or keep the design as purchased! It’s totally up to you. 


After you've created your product and changed out your sales copy, click save and get URL to begin sharing your new product with your audience and start making sales. 



And will always choose it over other platforms


One of the best things about Thrivecart is the lifetime access it offers. Pay once, and you're set for life – no recurring fees, no surprise costs.


Thrivecart comes packed with tools designed to amplify your sales. From bump offers to upsells, it's equipped to maximize customer value at every step.


This platform makes managing affiliates simple and effective. Track sales, manage commissions, and grow your network – all within Thrivecart.


Handling payments is a breeze with Thrivecart. It seamlessly integrates with major payment gateways, offering a hassle-free checkout experience for both you and your customers.


For those offering subscriptions, Thrivecart's management tools are a game-changer. Automate billing, manage subscribers, and keep your recurring revenue flowing smoothly.


Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with Thrivecart's comprehensive analytics dashboard. Track sales, monitor trends, and understand your customers better.

Frequently asked questions


What is Thrivecart, and how does it help in online selling?

Thrivecart is an online shopping cart software designed to boost sales. It helps in creating high-converting checkout pages, managing affiliate programs, and streamlining sales processes, making it ideal for online sellers.

Can I use the Offer Launch Bundle if I'm new to Thrivecart?

Absolutely! The Offer Launch Bundle is designed to be user-friendly, making it perfect for both Thrivecart beginners and seasoned users.

What kind of products is the Offer Launch Bundle best suited for?

This bundle is versatile and particularly suited for coaches and educators offering digital products or coaching packages.

Does Thrivecart support integration with email marketing tools?

Yes, Thrivecart integrates with a variety of email marketing tools, enabling seamless customer communication and marketing automation. You can view the full list here. 

What if I need help? Do you customize Thrivecart templates?

I do! Prices start at $499 and include the cost of your template. If you’re interested in having me customize your template for you, set up a call to chat HERE. 

Is there any ongoing cost or subscription fee for using Thrivecart or the Offer Launch Bundle?

Thrivecart offers lifetime access without any recurring fees. The Offer Launch Bundle also comes as a one-time purchase without any additional costs.

What happens after I purchase a template?

Yes! They have excellent customer support. You can reach them via instant chat or you can troubleshoot yourself with the help of their Help Docs. If you’re still stuck, you can hire me to do it for you at my hourly rate. Email me at amber@ambersecrest.com to inquire.

What happens after I purchase a template?

After you pay, you’ll receive an email with your invoice, which includes the link to the Offer Launch Bundle template, along with instruction on how to install it. Once the template is installed, you can start customizing it - fonts, colors, photos - everything is customizable. Or you can keep my exact design and just update the text with your own. Once it’s updated, you can publish your page and it’s ready to share!